Naíonáin Bheaga /Junior Infants 2019-2020 Information 

We are currently operating a waiting list for Junior Infants 2019. If you have a specific query in this regard please email oifig@gsr.ie or call the office on  (01) 295 8589

Places for Junior Infants are allocated in the October/November prior, in line with our enrolment policy (below)


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If you would like to come and see our school, you are welcome to attend our annual RíRá & Ruaille Buaille (Summer Fair) on June 16th. Alternatively you can make an appointment to see the school.


Other Contact Numbers :

  – Naíonra Shliabh Rua (pre-school)- 086 867 4542

 – Explorers after-school care – 087 636 7916



Enrolment Policy



This policy is being formulated in the context of the 1998 Education Act. The school’s Board of Management together with the Patron, are creating this policy in order to assist parents enrolling their children in the school. The Chairpersonof the Board of Management, and the School Principal are be happy to answer any questions in relation to this policy. Where the Irish and English versions of this policy are at variance with one another the Irish version is deemed to be binding.

Gaelscoil Shliabh Rua:

  • Multi-denominational ethos Gaelscoil under patronage of “Foras Pátrúnachta na Scoileanna LánGhaeilge”
  • Developing school
  • Primary school for boys and girls
  • A school depending on grants and teacher resources from the Department of Education and Skills. The school will operate under DES rules. The Admission and Participation Policy depends on the resources and money available at any time. This is a two stream school. The number of children offered places will depend on available space in the school and the overall number of pupils in the school.
  • Gaelscoil Shliabh Rua will follow the National School Curriculum as laid out by the Department of Education and Science.

In the context of the rules and programmes of the DES, the rights of the Patron as laid out in the Education Act, and the money and resources available to the school, Gaelscoil Shliabh Rua supports the following principles. 

  1. Inclusivity, especially with respect to registering children with a disability or with special educational needs
  2. Equality in getting a place in the school and taking part fully in school life
  3. Parents’ right to register their child
  4. Respect for different values, religions, traditions, languages and ways of life

Gaelscoil Shliabh Rua was founded to provide Primary Education through Irish. In the allocation of school places preference is therefore given to Children who are being brought up through Irish. Places can also be offered to children being brought up through other languages. While recognising the rights of parents to enrol their child in the school of their choice, the BoM of Gaelscoil Shliabh Rua must also recognise the rights of the existing school community, and in particular, the children already enrolled. This requires balanced judgements, which are guided by the principals of natural justice and acting in the best interests of the children.

Gaelscoil Shliabh Rua opens at 8.30a.m.
Junior Infants and Senior Infants finish at 1.10p.m.  School finishes for the day at 2.10p.m.

Enrolment of Junior Infants

Pupils who will be four years of age by or on 1st April before starting in Junior Infants, and who fulfil the following criteria are eligible to apply for a place in the school. Parents/ Guardians who wish to apply should complete and submit a pre-enrolment form  F1  or enrol on-line. A Reference number will be issued (on-line submissions) or an email will be sent confirming that the child is registered on the pre-enrolment list for the appropriate year.

The completion of a pre-enrolment form does not in any way guarantee a place will be available in the school.

The school will be in contact with the parents/guardians of all of the children on the pre-enrolment list in the Autumn preceding the school year in which their child will start school.

In October, a new Application Form F2 will be sent, by email, to the parents/guardians of all children on the pre-enrolment list. A hard copy of this form can be supplied on request. At this stage parents/guardians will be requested to complete and submit this form, by a specified date, if they still require a place for their child in the school. F2 Forms must be handed in to the school or submitted by post. Electronic versions of the completed F2 from can not be accepted.  If  no completed F2 Form is received by the specified date it will be assumed that a place is no longer required and the child’s details will be removed from the application process.

Letters of offer will be then sent to parents, by email,  strictly according to the criteria set out below.

First preference will be given to:

  1. Children being brought up through Irish
  2. Siblings, foster siblings or adopted siblings of existing pupils
  3. The child of a member of staff
  4. Children who are currently attending a Naíonra registered with Gaelscoileanna Teo.
  5. Children on the Pre-enrolment list who have submitted an Application Form

Should the number of applicants in category 5 exceed the number of places available, places will be allocated based on the child’s age beginning with the eldest. This will continue until all unsuccessful children have been allocated a number on the waiting list. Should a place become available, offers will be made beginning with number 1 on the list. Any child who is registered after the closing date for the year in question will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.

 If more than one child is being registered for the same school year by a parent/guardian, their application will be treated as the one application.

It is the view of the Board of Management that children are sent to the school because their parents decide that they want their children to be educated through Total Early Immersion in Irish until January in Senior Infants.

The BoM will determine the number of children to be enrolled in Junior Infants on a yearly basis. The school’s enrolment, the available space in the building and any circulars from the Minister will be taken into consideration in taking this decision.

Places will be allocated before Christmas. The deadline for applications will be decided by the Board of Management on a yearly basis.

The parents / guardians are asked to confirm in writing that they wish to accept the place offered to their child. A non-refunable payment will be requested, at this stage, which will cover the cost of school books and classroom expenses for the child’s first school year.

When all the places have been allocated, the remaining parents / guardians will be informed that their child’s name is being placed on a waiting list.

There will be an Open Information Night for new Parents after Easter before their child starts school.

Enrolment in Classes other than Junior Infants

Pupils may be enrolled in classes other than Junior infants

  • if there is space in the class
  • if they have attended a Gaelscoil
  • If the Principal, in consultation with the Chairman of the BoM, is satisfied that the child has the required language skills

The Board of Management shall determine whether a child is accepted into a class other than Junior Infants. The School will look for any assessments/school reports of the child from the parents.

Transferring to Junior Infants

If the situation arises that a child applies to transfer into Junior Infants, it must be ascertained that there is a space available and that there is no longer anyone from the waiting list who wishes to take the place.

Children with a disability or other Special Education Need

Application for enrolment of children with a disability or other educational need shouldbe made on the standard application form and must be accompanied by  detailed assessments and/ or psychological report, report of the child’s disability/ educational needs, supported by medical reports, if available.

Children with special needs will be resourced in accordance with the level of resources provided by the Department of Education and Skills to the Board of Management.

If a pupil with a history of violence in other schools towards pupils and staff applies for admission, a decision will be made pending a safety audit and professional advice.

Policy of Total Early Immersion

In our school, we implement a policy of total early immersion as recommended by our patron, An Foras Patrúnachta.

This means that from the first day in Junior Infants, only Irish is spoken to the children until the beginning of the second term in Senior Infants. There is no English done until the second term in Senior Infants.

Research done in other countries that use the early total immersion method of teaching shows that this method gives the new second language (Irish in this case) a stronger start and it does not damage the development of the first language (English).

There are three strands in the English Curriculum, Oral Language, Reading and Writing. The Reading and Writing is begun through Irish in this school and we see from the international research and our own experience that the skills learned in the second language (Irish) transfer across to the first language (English) when it is begun in Senior Infants.

 When you accept a place in this school, the Board of Management understand that you are supporting and accepting this policy.