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  • School Day

Junior & Senior Infants:  8.30 am – 1.10 pm
1st – 6th Class: 8.30 am – 2.10 pm
Little Break: 10.00 am  – 10.15am
Lunch: 12.00pm – 12.25pm

Children will be supervised in the yard from 8.20 each morning


  • Uniform

Click here    School Uniform


  • Attendance

It is important that your child arrives at school on time every day
If your child is absent, please update Aladdin with details of absence or send an email to the office/class teacher

If your child is absent for more than 20 days in one school year we must inform the National Education Welfare Board

It is not recommended that children be taken out of school to go on holidays
A sick child should not be sent to school.

If you change your address, phone number/contact details or email address during the school year please inform us immediately.

If you are collecting your child early from school, you are required to sign the child out at the office. Another child can not sign your child out.

We will not be in a position to release your child to an adult who is not known to us (unless you have written a note indicating who is collecting your child)


  • Home – School Communication

Emails/Newsletters/Texts are sent regularly
The school also uses Aladdin to send information to parents  via text/email/noticeboard
If you change your address, phone number/contact details or email address during the school year please update this immediately.
Parent/Teacher Meetings are held once a year, usually in October/November
Parents may request a meeting with the class Teacher when/if they fell it is necessary.
A written Report is sent home for each child in June.


  • Illness

If your child is feeling unwell they should be kept home from school.
If your child is too sick to go out to the yard, your child is too sick to go to school
If your child becomes sick during the day, you will be called and asked to collect them – therefore, it is vital that we have your correct contact details and those of your emergency contact also
If your child is diagnosed with an infections illness, please inform the school immediately.

Parents / guardians are asked to explain in writing (via Aladdin or email)  why their child has been absent from school due to illness or other causes


  • Medication

It is the school policy not to administer medicines to any child except as outlined in the School’s Medicines Administration Policy. The Teachers and the Secretary will not administer medicine to the children.  The school will be happy to facilitate Parents/Guardians needing to give medication to their child, if necessary. Children should not have medication in their bags. If a child is able to self-administer the parent / guardian should give the medication (eg. Inhalers) to the teacher to mind.


  • Your Child’s Lunch Box & Information on Food Allergies

The children have a small (15 min) break and a lunch break (25 mins) daily.

In order to create a healthy lunchbox the following are encouraged:

1. Protein (Meat, tofu, cheese etc)
2. Crackers/pasta/noodles/rice/bread
3. Fruit and vegetables , peeled and ready to eat
4. Food that is manageable for younger children
5. Wrappers are best kept to a minimum
6. Drinks such as water or unsweetened fruit juice, Fluid intake is very important and children are encouraged to bring a drink to school every day.
7. The child’s age and appetite should be taken into account when deciding on portion size

The following are not permitted:

1. Cans and glass bottled drinks, for safety reasons
2. Fizzy drinks, sports drinks and drinks with high sugar content
3. Sweets, crisps, chocolates, cakes, biscuits, chewing gum and lollipops
4. Chocolate spreads
5. Winders
6. Frubes – for Junior & Senior Infants

As we are becoming a Green Flag School, please note that rubbish will be sent home with the children. All children should have a lunch box.

Roles and responsibilities of Parents/Guardians:
1. To provide the child with a healthy lunch every day
2. To discuss the healthy food they have provided with their children
3. To discuss any concerns regarding lunches with the class teacher

We have children in the school with severe Food Allergies. Please look at the list of foods below. We would ask you to be vigilant and make sure that your child’s lunchbox does not contain any of the foods on this list.

List of foods prohibited in school:

  • All nuts (including peanuts) and items containing nuts. Please read labels carefully, this includes nut butters, nutella and pesto 
  • Sesame seeds (Including hummus & bombay mix)
  • Kiwi

We have children in our school with allergies to the above food list and more. 

For this reason- please remind your child to never share food with children in their class. Please speak to your child about food allergies and make them aware that some children cannot eat certain foods.

Banning certain items from the lunchboxes is only one part of our food allergy safety plan. Other safety measures include


  • Traenáil Foirne Staff Training
  • Gan bia a roinnt Not sharing food
  • Suí síos ag ithe Eating at our desks
  • Ag ní na lámha Washing hands
  • Plean cúram do pháistí le hailléirge Care plan for allergic children


Please see the following website for more information.


  • Names Policy
    It is the Parent’s choice whether they wish to have their child called by the Irish version of their first name in school. The Irish version of their surname, (where available) will be used throughout their time in school.