The school newsletter (nuachtlitir) is one of the main ways the school can communicate directly to parents about what is going on in and around the school. This can include upcoming events, after school activities, projects the student council have been working on and any other relevant news.


Our most recent newsletters are available below:


April 2019 – NuachtlitirAibreáin2019

March 2019 – NuachtlitirMarta2019

February 2019 – Nuachtlitir Feabhra2019

January 2019 – Nuachtlitir Eanáir2019

December 2018 – Nuachtlitir na Nollag2018

November 2018 – Nuachtlitir Samhna 2018

October 2018 – Nuachtlitir Deireadh Fómhair2018

September 2018 – Nuachtlitir Meán Fómhair2018